Stepfamilies Australia has developed a range of practical Tip Sheets on a wide variety of issues relevant to stepfamilies and blended families, as well as organisations and sector professionals that support stepfamilies.

The aim of these resources is provide some tips and tricks, some ideas and conversations starters with your partner and your children.

The Stepfamilies tip sheet collection:

Being a step parent   DOWNLOAD

Stepfamilies – a kids’ guide   DOWNLOAD

Stepfamilies – a teens’ guide   DOWNLOAD

Stepfamilies and schools   DOWNLOAD

Stepfamilies – being the biological parent   DOWNLOAD

Grandparent’s role in a stepfamily   DOWNLOAD

Stepfamilies – an overview   DOWNLOAD

Stepparent rights and responsibilities   DOWNLOAD

Stepfamilies – teamwork   DOWNLOAD

Being a stepmum   DOWNLOAD

Transitions to Primary School   DOWNLOAD

Transitions to Secondary School   DOWNLOAD

Parent school holiday survival guide   DOWNLOAD

Stepfamilies Christmas and holiday season survival guide   DOWNLOAD



Please contact us for information on other available Tip Sheets.

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