Making Molehills out of Mountains (Marg Howden)

Margaret Howden, a qualified teacher, psychologist, family therapist and founding member of the Stepfamily Association of Victoria, has distilled her extensive professional and personal experience into a practical hands on guide for parents who repartner, and stepparents. Making Molehills Out Of Mountains analyses typical behaviour within stepfamilies and reveals the underlying fears and frustrations that cause it. It aims to prepare parents and stepparents for the often dramatic changes stepfamilies experience.

$ 19.95 incl. GST

Hell…p! ; I’m a Stepmother (Sonja Ridden)

Author Sonja Ridden, herself a step parent, experienced therapist and counsellor, begins by telling us a little of her own personal experience of being a stepmother. It is always interesting to hear another’s views on a subject close in importance to one’s own, and yet highlights that each of us as individuals, and each step-family’s situation is unique to itself though there may be similar points of reference.

$ 24.95 incl. GST

The Woodcutter’s Wife ( Dolla S. Merrillees)

Honest, beautifully acerbic, witty, hair-raising and heartwarming. The Woodcutter’s Wife is no fairytale: it’s the warts’n’all story of a woman who doesn’t have all the answers; of a little boy coping with rejection and a painful past riddled with durgs; and of the idea that maybe a stepfamily can become a real family after all.

$ 28.95 incl. GST

Courses for Couples

Making Stepfamilies WorkCourses in Melbourne/ Victoria

A course specifically for couples either in a stepfamily, or considering forming one. The course covers central issues faced by stepfamilies, including past histories, disciplining children and divided loyalties. An emphasis is placed on strengthening the couple relationship.

$ 295.00/couple Prices incl. GST

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