There are many books and stories out there for  adults, children and young people to read and affirm their own experiences. Check out the following recommendations or go to our Store to purchase.  We would love to hear your recommendations on great reads for stepfamilies.


Step F.O.R.W.A.R.D.- 7 Attributes of Effective Stepparenting

Rhonda D Ross M Ed (2015)
Published by Create Space, USA.

Blending Families: The Honeymoon Comes Later

B Max Price, (2011)
Published by Tate Publishing Enterprises

Jigsaw Puzzle Family – The Stepkids’ Guide to Fitting it Together

Cynthia MacGregor, (2005)
Impact Publishers, USA,

Split Ends – Teenage Stepchildren

Ruth Webber, (1996)
ACER, (Melbourne, Australia) 1996

Daddy’s Getting Married

Jennifer Moore-Mallinos, (2006)
Barron’s Educational Series, (USA)

Ginny Morris and Dad’s New Girlfriend

Mary Collins Gallagher, (2007)
Imagination Press, USA

Wicked (Parts 1 to 6)

Paul Jennings and Morris Gleitzman, (1997)
Penguin Books Australia

What am I Doing in a Stepfamily? How Two Families can be Better Than One

Claire Berman, (1992)
Lyle Stuart Publishing, USA

Super Jack

Susanne Gervay, (2013)
Kane/Miller Book Publishers, Australia,

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