Department Human Services – Child Support (formerly Child Support Agency) cannot order a stepparent to pay child support.

A Court is the only body that can make an order for a stepparent to make child support payments if it is determined that it is proper for the stepparent to have that duty. However, a stepparent’s duty is always secondary to the duty of biological parent to maintain the child.

In determining whether it is proper for a stepparent to maintain a child, the Court will consider the following:

  • Whether the child receives a proper level of financial support from the biological parents;
  • The length and circumstances of the marriage or relationship between the stepparent and biological parent;
  • The relationship between the stepparent and child;
  • The arrangements that have existed for the maintenance of the child during the relationship;
  • Any special circumstances which, if not taken into consideration, would result in injustice or undue hardship to any person.

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