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Step, blended, instant, combined. Regardless of the name, there are unique benefits and challenges to being part of these families. Don’t let the secrets to a successful stepfamily pass you by!

Stepfamilies Workshop

About: This is a three hour workshop providing an introduction to the unique and often complex issues associated with stepfamily relationships, covering children, the parenting role and couple dynamics.

This workshop is best suited to those planning or already re-partnered with children.

The Secrets to Successful Stepfamilies: Stepping Off on the Right Foot

About: Do you or your partner already have kids? Do you all live together or just sometimes? Whether you’re considering or you’ve already made the move, come along to this interactive session and learn good family habits, ways to cope when stepfamily life gets hard, and how to keep the relationship between you and your partner strong.

Making Stepfamilies Work: A Course for Couples

This long running course provides participants with a deeper understanding of how stepfamilies work best, the family roles we play and why it can feel difficult at times. There is a lot to learn about the societal expectations around Parents, including Mums and Dads and Same-sex couple and the best ways to navigate change and redesign your family.

This course also gives couples some valuable time for reflection, on their experiences and achievements so far, and how they’d like things to be in the future.

Parenting After Separation

About: A three week program to help parents to better understand the effects of separation on their children, and learn useful strategies for helping their children to adjust. Includes some great principles for boosting everyone’s health and wellbeing as they resettle.


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