Web-based & Telephone Counselling

At Stepfamilies Australia our focus is to support positive parenting and supportive relationships with one another and your children.  Helping you to build the skills to improve communication with partners, children and in the cases of stepfamilies; all the different and diverse relationships with extended, blended and former family members and children.

It is ok to ask for support and guidance particularly before things get really hard, but we also know that can be a challenge when trying to juggle the day-to-day as well as raising children and caring for family members.

It also can be challenging to get all the different partners and family members in the same place at the same time or to attend a counselling appointment for the first time. We are happy to also offer information and support sessions as well as counselling through telephone, skype or other web-based platforms. Contact us for further information.

Peer Support – Stepfamilies – Facebook Forum

Stepfamilies Australia has an open group on facebook which all are welcome to join. This open support group give members the opportunity to discuss stepfamily issues with both Stepfamilies Australia staff and fellow peers in a friendly environment, and build and maintain support networks with other members of stepfamilies in the community.

We are also happy to start extra closed groups for members wishing for a more safe place to discuss their stepfamily relationships with their peers and staff members.

To join our Stepfamilies Australia facebook group, simply come like us and befriend us

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