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The MyMob App encourages positive communication to help families grow stronger connections.  The app has now been updated, and it’s now even easier to post events, synch family members activities and stay connected where ever you are.

MyMob is a smartphone application, and a secure, fun and practical communication tool that fosters positive communications in a family friendly tone similar to that which would normally happen over the family kitchen table.

Whether organising the family diary or posting on the family fridge, MyMob connects families in a safe online environment to help them overcome issues that may be at play in direct communication with one another.

MyMob recognises that many contemporary families although not necessarily ‘separated’, consist of key carers residing in different households or with parents travelling away for work, with many parents spending extended time away from their children and other family members.

In these situations, as with separated and stepfamilies, to keep connected, organised and involved in everyday family life can be a challenge and without timely access to practical information and resources, managing normal life hurdles that impact on families can be more difficult.

MyMob is a non-judgmental family resource that fosters positive communication for all families, while creating an intentional and safe space for families where communication may be particularly difficult.

Families are diverse and dynamic and their needs are not fixed.  MyMob allows family arrangements to be a ‘work in progress’, recognising the flexibility families need to allow their new situations to gently develop and change over time as new relationships are formed and life circumstances for the parents and their children change.

The Application is free to allow for all families to gain access and utilise it.

Any donations or contributions are greatly appreciated to further enhance this vital communication tool for the modern family.

Contact Us 03 9639 6733