The beauty of Australian families is their diversity. We welcome all groups of people who wish to form a family and embrace same-sex couples, grandparents raising children and many other styles of family life and caring for children.

We take a strength based approach that encourages people to bring their unique gifts to their family roles. There’s no one way to raise a healthy family – it’s a creative pursuit and remains a work in progress for many years!

Stepfamilies Australia knows that there are ups and downs in every family, and these can seem all the more challenging for stepfamilies. However with empathy, open communication and sensible boundary setting people can settle into their new roles. Extended family, community and government support is an essential ingredient to assist families in this resettling phase.

All Stepfamilies Australia programs are resourced by experienced professionals with qualifications in Social Work, Psychology or similar and decades of experience in family support and counselling. Partner organisation programs are resourced by a range of professional and peer staff.

“We attended the Stepfamilies Australia course called Stepping Up. It was such an eye opener. Lots of the difficulties we’d been having were NORMAL. We came away optimistic and relieved and the facilitator was top notch!”

Stepfamilies Australia and its partners are able to provide important education and training around stepfamily issues to practitioners of the future.

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